About Our Research

We are a research group directed by Laura Foran Lewis, PhD, RN, an Associate Professor of Nursing at the University of Vermont. Our research focuses on autism in adulthood, particularly:

    • Autistic experiences
    • Identifying autism in adulthood
    • Intersectionality of autism and LGBTQIA2S+ identity
    • Social relationships
    • Quality of life issues

Inclusion of autistic voices has been a longstanding priority in our research. At the start of 2022, we committed to using a participatory action approach for all research, meaning projects are designed and conducted in collaboration with autistic partners. All findings will be interpreted with autistic partners who will serve as co-authors on any published work.

Our research uses a neurodiversity-affirming approach to research related to autism. This includes:

    • We will not engage in any work that promotes treating, curing, preventing, or otherwise making autistic traits disappear.
    • We value diversity of experience and we are committed to including autistics as key members of our research team.
    • We utilize identity-first language to reflect the preferences of autistic people.